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Improved Corporate Finance

Improved: strengthening digital talents in Ghana

A perfect match between investor and project. In which the company IMPROVED invests in Ghanaian youth and offers them opportunities that they would otherwise not get, thereby giving them control over their own lives with the ultimate goal of making them self-sufficient.

Create social impact

IMPROVED Corporate Finance advises and supports companies and entrepreneurs with mergers and acquisitions and structuring financing. Since 2019, a nice collaboration has been established between IMPROVED and Net4kids.

What makes them different from other companies? Their mindset. They believe that the best advice should be advice that delivers for everyone. “The best deals are with winners only”. This mentality also made IMPROVED want to do more, not only create financial returns but also social impact. They want to contribute to the future of the 'next generation', which is how they ended up at Net4kids. Talented young people are everywhere, some are given the opportunity to develop their talent and others are not, simply because they are born in a different place. IMPROVED also wants to offer these young people the opportunity to develop to their full potential.

The perfect match

IMPROVED quickly found a perfect match with the Takoradi education and ICT Center project in Ghana, more specifically the digital marketing project. A group of young alumni from the Takoradi center are offered the opportunity to be trained as a digital marketer. They are coached and assisted by IMPROVED. Not only has IMPROVED made it financially possible, the IMPROVED team is personally involved in the progress and development of the youngsters through the To Be Improved Program.

"The thing that touches me most is that we as IMPROVED can contribute to talented young people who have an enormous amount of drive and energy to make their lives something in the area in which we ourselves are active."
Frank Verbeek, IMPROVED Corporate Finance

New digital marketers

The aim of the program is to provide the alumni participating in the Digital Marketing Program with information sessions on topics relevant to their development phase to contribute to their success in becoming Digital Marketers. In addition, these sessions will help them achieve their goals, whether they are studying or taking the first steps in applying for a job, working for a company or exploring the option of becoming an entrepreneur

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