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Friends for Life

Kenya: Student Scholarship Program

By providing scholarships to talented Kenyan boys and girls who grow up in poverty, we ensure that they also have the opportunity to study after secondary school. This scholarship offers them the opportunity to graduate and eventually find a job, preferably within Kenya.

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Students who receive a scholarship sponsor another student after graduation

Together with the Friends for Life Foundation, we offer motivated and talented young people in Kenya the opportunity to build an independent existence through further education. Through a scholarship they can complete a course at certificate, diploma or bachelor level. During their studies, students are intensively supervised with job application training and together they form a strong (alumni) network for the future.

When participating in the scholarship program, each student also commits to reimbursement of the study after completion and after a job has been found. So that they pay for a new batch of students. Together we strive for a stronger economic position for young people from the poorest parts of Kenya. This gives them pride, dignity, independence and self-confidence and ultimately a better and more equal position.

About the project partner

This is a collaboration between our local partners in Kenya, Friends for Life and Watoto Wema, set up by Net4kids. Don't want to reinvent the wheel, but complement each other. To contribute together to ensure that as many Kenyan children and young people as possible have a better future. Watoto Wema takes care of orphans and street children in their own shelter, near Ruai, Nairobi. The children are provided with shelter, meals and education at primary and secondary level. Subsequently, the young people are given the opportunity to start further education after secondary school. Friends for Life then helps these young people in this follow-up process and offers them the opportunity to choose further education through their scholarship program so that they can build an independent existence.

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Slums Ruai Kenya
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How we contribute to this project

In this world there are too many children who have no choice. No possibilities. No prospect of improving their situation. The same goes for Kenyan youth in the poorest parts of the country. Together with our investors, we would like to offer these young people the opportunity for further education. Every year, young people from Watoto Wema are selected from the intake process for whom we would like a financial contribution so that they can also continue their studies. A nice quote from Nancy, who was able to start her further education thanks to a donation from a family foundation: “When I came to the student meeting of Friends for Life, I was the only one doing a diploma level. Also, most of the students where older than me. It made me to work extra hard in class, as I want to prove to Friends for Life that I am worth investing in. There were also other students in the meeting who are already working. I want to be like them, and when I am successful, I will come and train both students from Friends for Life as Watoto Wema Centre.”

In addition, there is also a need for knowledge. So there are definitely options for that employee commitment programs. Such as giving job application training or helping the young people with their communication or presentation skills. In this way, together with our network, we prepare these young people for the future. Also something for your company?

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