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How it works for funds

In order to further increase our impact, we like to work with private equity funds / family funds in addition to the business community. We use our own infrastructure, project knowledge and expertise so that we can 'match' your fund with high-quality child aid projects and use it to build or expand your own child aid portfolio. Together we can offer a future to many more vulnerable children in Africa and Asia. Take a look at the step-by-step plan below and make a difference for our next generation together with us:

I want to contribute to a better world for children with our fund

You can only spend your euro once, how do you find projects that fit seamlessly with the objectives of your fund? And how do you know if the money is going to the right place? With our many years of experience as a hybrid fund (in addition to equity, we use fundraising for our objectives) we know which questions are involved and we are happy to share our experiences with you.

We tell you everything about Net4kids

In a first meeting or proposal we will tell you everything about Net4kids, who we are and what we do for children. How we were founded by entrepreneurial philanthropists, Loek and Anke van den Boog, and what lessons we have learned in 20 years of doing good. We explain which ways of giving we know and how we want to create optimal impact, both with the business community and with capital funds.

Tell us what you're looking for

We would like to hear your thoughts on the objectives of the (possibly yet to be established) fund. What effort can and do you want to make? Together we like to go deeper into the goals, beliefs, wishes and no-go's. We can support you in setting up and implementing policy with regard to concrete and sustainable child aid, but we can also directly propose projects that are in line with the objectives of your fund.

We're looking for a match

We look for the child aid project that suits you and your fund, and that suits the effort you can and want to make. As a real matchmaker between companies and quality child care projects, we have built up a lot of experience in finding the right project match. In addition, we have built up a high-quality portfolio of carefully selected children's aid projects in Africa and Asia, of which we are sure that the euros will reach the right place and that transparent and thorough reporting can be carried out.

Making a difference together

If you, like us, are convinced that you can achieve much further together than alone, and (a collaboration with) Net4kids fits well with the objectives of your fund, we can get to work. We share the project(s) information (plans and budget) in a tailor-made proposal, or if desired in a specific application form from your own fund. We organize everything in such a way that we start making an impact from day 1. For the children in the project and for you and your fund.

We facilitate the entire process

The great thing about working with Net4kids is that we facilitate the entire process. With our (project) experience, our network of local partner organisations, our knowledge and expertise, we ensure that we really create value locally. That the quality of our program is guaranteed, that we involve your fund in the progress and that we keep you informed of the status of the project as often as desired. Net4kids also provides additional financing (via companies or funds) where the chosen project has growth potential or where your capital fund wishes to phase out the investment over time.

Experience the impact you make

Seeing is (even more) believing. If you would like to see with your own eyes the impact of your investment on the children in the project, you can. We prefer to travel together with our stakeholders. In addition to immediately seeing what is being done with your money, Net4kids is given the opportunity to monitor and visualize the projects locally. So that we can create the greatest possible impact with low organizational costs. Of course, an online exchange and/or introduction can be organized between the board members of your fund and the local implementing partner. In any case, you can be as involved as you like.

Transparency and involvement

Net4kids was founded in 2004 by Anke and Loek van den Boog. Loek: “We had been giving to charities for years, but we never knew exactly what. We found ourselves wanting more insight into what our investment was actually doing, and we also wanted more direct involvement.” They decided to set up their own foundation that focused on transparency (choose your own project and know exactly where your money goes) and involvement (receive direct reporting on your project). Net4kids was born.

Our financial model

Our financial model is based on accountability. Investors have a right to know where their money is going and what is being achieved with it – objectively and clearly. At Net4kids, this belief is expressed in various ways:

  • in the selection and guidance of our project partners;
  • the possibility to choose projects that suit your organisation, budget and/or aid vision;
  • in the clear progress reports; with all relevant information about your project(s);
  • in our strict separation of project donations, organizational costs and earmarked reserves.

You can read more about our financial model here.

“The Net4kids team supports our foundation and gives our involvement 'hands and feet.' At the same time, Net4kids gives our projects a boost, which benefits the children.”

Annemiek van der Schaar, Elsgoed Foundation (2018)

Talk further?

Are you interested in the working method of Net4kids and curious about the possibilities? In a personal conversation we will explain it all to you, show you what impact your company or (family) fund can make.

The Net4kids newsletter

We would like to keep you informed about how the children in the projects are doing, but also how we can help you make an impact for our next generation. We promise we won't spam you.