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Net4kids Aid Foundation
Amsteldijk Zuid 79B
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Net4kids Aid Foundation
IBAN: NL54 RABO 0333952 138

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Net4kids Aid Foundation
34219530 / RSIN: 8154 56 608

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Good to know: the ANBI – tax advantage

Net4kids is an ANBI, a Public Benefit Institution. An institution can only be an ANBI if it is committed to at least 90% for public benefit. This ANBI status, granted by the tax authorities, has a number of tax advantages.

Tax-free gifting

  • An ANBI does not pay inheritance or gift tax; allocating heritage to an ANBI means that no tax is levied on that part of your heritage.
  • Donors (investors) of an ANBI may deduct their donations from income or corporate tax.
  • To be eligible for deduction of periodic gifts, the donor (investor) and the ANBI record the gift in an agreement.

Annual reports

You won't change the world in a few days, but you will be surprised what you can achieve in 18 years.

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