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Corporate social responsibility at its 2023st

We are Net4kids, the organization that makes social entrepreneurship very easy. And with whom you concretely invest in the next generation. Join our 1% program, match your company with a concrete child aid project in Africa or Asia, and ensure that these children have a future and the opportunity to develop. Start today.

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A better world starts with children

We believe that every child should be given the opportunity to build his or her own future. But we don't believe in old school charity. That is why Net4kids is specifically for companies and entrepreneurs, because our business-oriented approach is in line with the CSR goals of organizations and ensures concrete and visible results. For the children and for the companies that participate. So: more impact, more involvement, more financial and social return. The beginning of a better world. Will you join us?

Join our 1% program

The Net4kids 1% For the Next Generation Program is very simple and easy to implement: together we look for the child support project that best suits your company. We then ask your company to invest 1% of the time, 1% of the profit and 1% of the expertise and/or knowledge. We ensure that every 1% is used properly, that your project is running, that quality is guaranteed and that it has a real impact. For the children and for your organization.

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1% makes a world of difference

You might think: how can I make a difference with 1%? Then know: it makes a world of difference. It shows that small-scale, local projects lead to powerful and visible results. So it is not a drop in the ocean: many times micro make macro! And also know: 1% of your time, profit and knowledge is a 100% chance for a better and brighter future for the children.

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1% for the next generation

1% makes the difference between underprivileged and promising. Join with your company and together we will ensure that they become successful.

1% for the next generation

1% makes the difference between underprivileged and promising. Join with your company and together we will ensure that they become successful.

Ok, but how exactly does it work?

We'll explain that to you.
Read the 4 most frequently asked questions.

What do you mean by 1%?

The 1% represents something very special. It is experienced by the participating organizations as a minimal effort, a minimal investment (and more is always allowed!). But the special thing is that great deeds are done with those 1%: 1% investment, 100% impact!

Can I choose a project myself?

Yes, you can certainly choose your own project. But we are happy to help you find and select the right project for you and your organization. Most participants experience this as very pleasant.

Can I participate myself?

The nice thing is: everything is allowed. We see that participating organizations often first look and contribute 'from a distance', then become more involved and want to experience it up close by having (online) contact with the youngsters and/or eventually by visiting the project. So you don't have to participate, but you probably want to after a while.

To what extent is my organization unburdened?

That's the beauty of working with Net4kids: you are fully socially involved in your business, and your (organization) is taken care of as much as you want.

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The project that suits your company

We are a real matchmaker. This means that we always look for a project that fits seamlessly with the DNA of your company, with the (CSR) objectives and beliefs. It gives much more involvement and in this way we lay a solid foundation for the success of the project.

Your organization is growing (and thriving)

You may be aware that companies that work on Corporate Social Responsibility (or rather we say: Involvement) often do better than companies that do not. The companies that work with us and that have a strong match with their project, and that involve their employees in the program, all say that they are more successful in attracting and retaining customers, and in attracting and retaining talent. In short: your organization grows and thrives.


Would you like to know what other companies are saying about the collaboration with Net4kids before you contact us? Naturally. That's possible here. 

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Talk further?

Are you thinking about Corporate Social Responsibility? Are you interested in the method of Net4kids and curious about the possibilities? In a personal meeting we will explain it all to you, we will show you what impact your company can make and how simple the 1% program is.

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