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The Matchmaker between Companies and Child Aid Projects

The Next Generation Foundation

The Matchmaker between Companies and Child Aid Projects

The Next Generation Foundation

Net4kids is the child aid organization for companies: we match your company with a concrete child aid project: you offer opportunities to children in Asia or Africa and thus invest in the next generation. Based on the belief that children all over the world are the next generation that shape our common future. Together we offer these children opportunities to develop themselves.


Many more children need opportunities


The role of companies is decisive in this

Sustainable and transparent

Sustainable and transparent child aid is the solution

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Companies that understand this will be more successful


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The fifth edition of the Net4kids Golf Day took place on Monday 21 September. A sun-drenched day at BurgGolf Golfresort de Purmer in Purmerend. Due to the current Corona measures, we have done this golf day in a more limited form. With fewer flights than the ...

Sept 21, 2020: Net4kids Business Golf Event

We would like to invite you to participate in the fifth edition of the Net4kids golf day on Monday, September 21, 2020 at BurgGolf Golfresort de Purmer in Purmerend. This time completely corona-proof of course! Golfing and networking In addition to a great golf program you can ...

Looking back: Re-boost your business for GOOD

Our first online event: Re-BOOST your business for GOOD took place on September 3, 2020. That so many people want to know more about how, even in times of crisis, in addition to running a business, you can have a positive impact on the world at the same time. ...

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Attention entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. You as an entrepreneur can make a difference in the lives of millions of children in the world. Watch and learn. And talk to us.


Our projects are the reason for our existence. All of these are carefully selected, transparent projects. Themes that you will find in our portfolio include education, shelter, and personal development. The impact is made here. Opportunities for children are created here. From Kenya to India. 

Watoto Wema Center Kenya
Nepal Matri Griha
Rainbow Homes India


How can companies optimally shape their social policy? How can you increase employee engagement? What are Net4kids best practices? 

Frank Verbeek

IMPROVED - invests in Ghana

Takoradi education and ICT Center

A perfect match between investor and project. In which the company IMPROVED invests in Ghanaian youth and offers them opportunities that they would otherwise not get, thereby giving them control over their own lives with the ultimate goal of making them self-sufficient.

Jeroen ten Haave

Roamler - for a sustainable future

Rainbow Homes

Roamler is a striking example of a company that from its purpose and core business not only drives the growth of the company, but also makes the difference in the lives of so many street children, i.e. girls, who would otherwise hardly have any opportunities.

Jaco Brussé

Visualfabriq - Unleash Your Excellence

Diepsloot Community Project
Corporate social responsibility adds significant value for the stakeholders and thereby increases the standing of a company. "We believe that sharing our skills and insights can help others build a self-sufficient and economically independent future."

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