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South Africa

South Africa: Entrepreneurship for girls in the townships (Agripreneurship)

In Orange Farm township, near Johannesburg, Rhiza has turned a piece of land into an agricultural hotspot. On this piece of land they want to train young women from the townships in agriculture and entrepreneurship. These girls often have little or no further education, find it difficult to find a job and in this way they get the chance to build a self-reliant existence.

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Self-sufficiency through own food production.

After the training, they will become economically active on the land, but also in areas such as sales and transport. With sales, they then focus on specific parties such as other NGOs, schools, local catering companies and supermarkets, so that they contribute to food security for the people in the townships where additional food shortages have arisen since COVID-19. Self-sufficiency is achieved with the profits from the sale of the agricultural products.

An important way to provide employment and income is through Rhiza's (future) own social enterprise called Munching Mongoose (similar to Hello Fresh). Many trained women will be able to generate income by supplying vegetables, but also, for example, by transport to customers. Although Munching Mongoose provides a more or less guaranteed source of income for the women, the women are free to generate income themselves in other ways. It is therefore enormously stimulated to work in an entrepreneurial way.

About the project partner

The founder of Rhiza and the brain behind the successful Rhiza cycle is Alef Meulenberg, who is based in South Africa. Together with the local population, he develops communities in which he is supported by the government and the local business community. Dutch companies that want to use Rhiza projects for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) benefit from Alef's entrepreneurial focus. He knows the Dutch and South African culture, has a large local funding system and 'knows the way'. Through co-creation, projects are set up that generate profit for all parties.

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How we contribute to this project

In this world there are too many children who have no choice. No possibilities. No prospect of improving their situation. The same goes for South African girls in the Johannesburg townships. We would like to work with you to help these young women seize the opportunities for an independent and independent existence. Thanks to the investment in the agripreneurship program, we lift the entire community out of the vicious circle of poverty. Together with the other pillars in which Rhiza invests, such as healthcare and vocational training, you really invest in a change. This is how we really narrow the gap between rich and poor. Also something for your company?

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