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How it works for companies

Doing business in a socially responsible manner difficult or complicated? We don't think so. In fact, it can be done very simply and in an accessible way, while your impact is just as great, if not greater. Take a look at this Plug and Play step-by-step plan and make a difference for our next generation:

You are thinking about corporate social responsibility.

Like many other companies, your company is perhaps also thinking about corporate social responsibility. And you are curious about the possibilities of setting up and realizing this in a relatively simple way. At the same time, you also want to create optimal impact, increase the involvement of your employees, and see visible results.

We tell you everything about 1% (and our next generation program).

In a first meeting we will tell you everything about Net4kids, who we are, what we do for children, about the companies that work with us and the successes we achieve with them. And of course we will tell you about our 1% program, about what it means for your company, what the effort is, what impact you will make, and what positive influence it will have on your organization, attracting and retaining employees and clients.

You tell us about your company (and about the effort you can make).

We would like to hear about your company, about your thoughts on CSR, and about the effort you can and want to make. Maybe you want a comprehensive approach right away, maybe you want to start small (for example, donate only), it's all possible! Together we will dive deeper into the DNA of your company, the goals and beliefs, your wishes and your no-go's. After this conversation, you (and we) will have a clear idea of what kind of project you would like to commit to, and what is possible.

We are looking for a Match

We will look for the child aid project that suits you and your organization, and that fits the effort you can make. We believe you can make more impact for our next generation by investing directly in projects that really fit the DNA of your company. We look for a perfect match, so that you can really make a sustainable difference. 

It's a go!

When we find your projectmatch, we get to work and co-create. Your company is linked to a project, and depending on the effort you can make, we set up everything in such a way that we will make an impact from day 1. For the children in the project and for you and your organization.

We facilitate the entire process.

The great thing about the collaboration with Net4kids is: we facilitate the entire process. It is your project, but we will relieve you of everything. With our (project) experience, our network of local partner organizations, our knowledge and expertise, we ensure that we really create value on site, that the quality of our program is guaranteed, that we involve your organization in the progress and that we continuously keep you informed. keeping informed of the status of the project, and of course: making an impact, socially and financially, achieving the best possible return on investment.

Experience the impact you make.

Many companies become more and more enthusiastic the longer they work with Net4kids and the further involved in their project. So enthusiastic that they would like to see the impact they make with their own eyes. That's possible. We can visit the project together (in a stakeholdertrip), or we can set up an online exchange of knowledge between employees of the company and the children (youngsters) of the project. In any case: you will really experience the impact yourself.  

Minimum investment, maximum experience

Almost all companies that work with us experience the same: they see the investment they make as small, while at the same time experiencing a huge impact. First and foremost, of course, for the children they support. But because of the involvement that participants build in the project and because of the growing bond with the children, the impact for them is also enormous: a life-enriching experience. 

“The people of Net4kids really unburden you, they make it happen, like plug and play.”

Jaco Brusse, Visualfabriq

Talk further?

Are you thinking about Corporate Social Responsibility? Are you interested in the method of Net4kids and curious about the possibilities? In a personal meeting we will explain it all to you, we will show you what impact your company can make and how simple the 1% program is.

The Net4kids newsletter

We would like to keep you informed about how the children in the projects are doing, but also how we can help you make an impact for our next generation. We promise we won't spam you.