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Tanzania: Safe drinking water for everyone

With the help of innovative water filters and water pumps, we can provide clean drinking water and good irrigation in five villages in the Lower Moshi region. This means that farming families are no longer solely dependent on the unpredictable rainy season and limits the outbreak of diseases such as cholera, which spread through drinking water. The filters are installed at schools and clinics and the pumps are distributed locally to farmers. This project also provides employment. The pumps and filters will be maintained and replaced locally, making a lasting impact on more than 5,500 farming families in Tanzania.

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Diarrhea causes 9% of all child deaths worldwide.

Drinking unsafe water causes other diseases in addition to cholera, such as diarrhea, caused by viruses, parasites and bacteria that are often found in drinking water. With 50 new safe water sources we reach 5,500 residents, including 4,000 children. By installing safe water points at schools, we can reach and help many children every day. A child who is often ill cannot go to school consistently and cannot develop properly. This sustainable solution not only provides safe drinking water, but also greater food security, resulting in more available food and income. Improved prosperity of parents has direct consequences for their families, giving children in the Lower Moshi region a better future perspective.

Sustainable and innovative

The Dutch start-up Element15 has developed the unique BAR filter. This BAR removes germs from 600 liters of water per hour, without requiring energy. Because a BAR filter is supplied with energy with a hand or solar pump, no external energy source is required. Furthermore, most water filters only remove bacteria and parasites from the water, but the BAR filter also removes viruses. The high amount of fluoride in drinking water also causes dental fluorosis. The BAR filter reduces this value in the water with 90%, which ensures that it is no longer harmful to the teeth. Our local partner organization FT Kilimanjaro has set up this pilot project together with Element15, which ensures a strong local embedding of the project in the Lower Moshi communities.​

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How we contribute to this project

We have just started, in January 2024, with this innovative project that emerged from the Kiruani Town Advisory & Funding Board. This group of 30 entrepreneurs uses not only financing, but also their knowledge and network to make the Tanzanian village of Kiruani in the Lower Moshi region self-reliant. Thanks to the board's network, a connection has been created between Element15 and project partner FT Kilimanjaro. The initial financing for this project was made possible by Carteman Ventures, among others, but we are still actively looking for committed investors who want to contribute. Is your company looking for a project to make a difference in a structural way, that is effective and concrete, and in which innovation, new energy and entrepreneurship are central? Then this project might be the perfect match for you.

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