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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Good pre-primary education makes the difference

Children who grow up in poor families or remote areas are often less likely to succeed in education. This is due to the false start, they lack pre-primary education. In the ISURU Pre-school in Talpe, Sri Lanka, the toddlers from the surrounding villages come into contact with the school system from the age of 4 years.

Sri Lanka ISURU
Sri Lanka ISURU
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Education for preschoolers has positive consequences for the whole family. 

Older children do not have to take care of their younger siblings and mothers have their hands free for income-generating activities.

Before the sixth year of life, the foundation of many cognitive, social and emotional capacities is already laid. Pre-school education therefore plays an important role. Especially in poor communities. By playfully learning together, children develop their independence and concentration, they learn to function in a group and language skills are developed.

The ISURU pre-school is important, because without preparatory education it is difficult for children in Talpe to finish primary school. They receive computer lessons and, for example, English lessons, so that they can participate in primary school right away. In addition, the building itself is also a community center for all kinds of (information) activities.

About the project partner

Net4kids has been working with the organization ISURU and local partner organization Shevalanka since 2022 on the self-reliance of the school in Talpe. The Sevalanka Foundation was established in 1992 with the aim of supporting the most vulnerable communities in Sri Lanka with education, health care, income and infrastructure. In particular, the expertise of the tea farmers makes Shevalanka a strong cooperation partner to scale up for one of our investors, working in the tea industry.

Sri Lanka ISURU
Sri Lanka Tea Estates

How we contribute to this project

We are now starting to make pre-school more sustainable. In 2017, the building was completely renovated to accommodate more children and to offer better quality education. A next step is to receive a so-called A level certification. This makes them eligible for government subsidies. With the construction of a child-friendly library, a computer laboratory and a new toilet building, ISURU is already well on its way. With the financing of the current teachers, Net4kids can give the last push towards self-reliance. We will then work towards strengthening the communities in the tea estates in the areas of education, health care, income and infrastructure. Shevalanka can be a good partner for your company, for example if you are focused on the sustainable tea & coffee industry and in your supply chain want to bring about a change.

Sri Lanka ISURU
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