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May 13, 2024

Net4kids 20 years!

Net4kids is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. It all started with a search for a concrete child aid project where the impact of our contribution was visible, where we could receive financial reports and where involvement was central. We were frustrated that something like this didn't exist in 2001/2002 – there seemed to be a gap in the NGO world. It is very important to see what results your contribution produces, where your donation goes, and to feel a personal connection with a suitable children's aid project.

Net4kids was born with three important pillars:

  1. Involvement: The opportunity to choose a project that fits your values or the core activities of your company.
  2. Transparency: Financial reports on your chosen project.
  3. Report: Progress reports, stories about the children and the impact of your contribution.

One of the most memorable moments from those early days was our first project trip to Nepal in 2003. There we met Tirtha, a young journalist who gave up his job to save addicted boys from the garbage dumps and give them a home. It was tough to see how he struggled to give these children structure and keep them in the house. The Child Watabaran Center Nepal was one of the first projects we included in our portfolio.

Growing Success

We started as a small volunteer organization, but our success saw us grow quickly. People wanted to choose their “own” project, and companies wanted to link their core activities to child aid projects. This allowed us to hire staff with expertise in different fields, such as project selection, company matchmaking and account management, but above all with passion and decisiveness to improve the lives of so many children.

Our trip to India in 2013 was a special experience our daughter (then 10 years old) went to school with the Rainbow Girls. There she was assisted by a girl named Jabin, whom we had found at a train station in Hyderabad seven years earlier. Jabin, whose mother was an addict and father missing, found shelter at the Rainbow Home in Hyderabad and comforted our homesick daughter. It was a moving moment.

Connecting mission

From the start, Net4kids has been unique in the charity world because of our emphasis on transparency and working methods. Even after 20 years, we continue to strive for renewal and innovation in our working methods and internal processes.

Our mission remains unchanged after 20 years: creating involvement between investors (companies, foundations and private individuals) on the one hand, and child aid projects on the other. Such as involving employees by facilitating direct communication (through master classes or 1-on-1 contact) with the young people in our projects.

Net4kids has become the matchmaker for companies where involvement, transparency and reporting are still paramount. I am extremely proud that after 20 years, Net4kids is still a healthy organization, with a team of six passionate members who, together with local heroes, offer children a future.

Anke van den Boog

Founder Net4kids




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