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August 21, 2023

Are you already in the Net4kids 500?

At the beginning of 2023, we founded the Net4kids 500. As a playful but at the same time serious counterpart to that other list of 500.

We are looking for 500 people or organizations to 'fill' this 'Net4kids 500 list'. This means that we want to attract known and unknown people, existing and new organizations. Organizations that are already in our network, but also organizations that do not yet do much about Corporate Social Responsibility, but are thinking about it. And who, by joining, are taking an important first step.

Organizations or individuals who join and pay 500 euros annually make an immediate impact: they contribute to the work we do for projects that sometimes fall through the cracks, the less sexy projects but no less urgent projects. In fact, these are often urgent projects, children who really need us, and who would literally be hopelessly lost without our help.

By filling this (new) Net4kids 500 list with members who each contribute €500 annually, we can fund our most urgent project, but at the same time we also add value to this list and we hope to inspire other, new organizations to join the Net4kids 500. to connect.

On this page can you join.

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Are you interested in the working method of Net4kids and curious about the possibilities? In a personal conversation we will explain it all to you, show you what impact your company or (family) fund can make.

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