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January 16, 2023

New Managing Director

We have something new to tell, and we are very proud of it. As of January 1, 2023, Annelieke Brackel will take on the role of Managing Director of Net4kids, alongside Anke van den Boog. As passionate founder and creative Managing Director, Anke and Annelieke are building a future-proof Net4kids together.

Professionalizing our employee engagement programs is part of that. By sharing our accumulated knowledge, we can achieve even more. As two women in charge, we also want to be an example for all vulnerable girls and women in our projects who, with Net4kids, learn to seize the opportunity to build an independent existence. Anke and Annelieke: “By expressing ourselves more, taking the stage, we also show them what you, as a woman, can achieve. In addition, we also hope to bind more female entrepreneurs to us, who can bring more diversity to our mostly male entrepreneurial network.”

Anke: “The mission for the future is: Net4kids as the number 1 children's aid organization for companies that want to give substance and structure to their social activities. In other words: motivate and activate many more companies to jointly offer even more children a future. We have now offered more than 260,000 children a future with opportunities, new possibilities and an independent existence. We want that for many more children in the coming years.”

As a funding manager, Annelieke has already played a major role with her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in where Net4kids is now. A matchmaker pur sang, in which she has linked several companies to child aid projects that really fit the DNA and/or core business of the company. With her role as Managing Director, Net4kids will further professionalize the business-oriented approach. With the enormous project knowledge that Annelieke has built up in her work as a project manager at Net4kids since 2011, the impact of the child aid projects is guaranteed to increase even further. “What drives me is to bring closer the impactful work of all our local heroes, in countries like India or Tanzania, so that here, in the boardroom or at your office desk, we see that we are connected and can learn from each other .” It is precisely companies, large and small, that can really make a difference by supporting very concretely defined projects. It gives visible results, children have a future, and it also makes the companies themselves more attractive. For staff, for talent and for prospects. So business as a force for good!

Under the leadership of Anke van de Boog, the team has been given the space to grow individually, and with a clear focus on business, it was possible to jointly build a professional, efficient organization. Within this close-knit team, Annelieke has been working as Anke's right hand for many years. “Thanks to the space and confidence I have been given, I have really been able to develop my own vision. What makes us so strong as a duo is that we complement each other, so time for acceleration.”

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