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January 15, 2022

#stayconnected Christmas campaign successful

Together we stand stronger. Only together, especially in a global pandemic, can we continue to make a difference for the most vulnerable children who are hardest hit by Covid-19. Thanks to the support of our investors, the #stayconnected christmas campaign become a success. Thank you for your support!

#Sstay connected

The global pandemic shows that we are more connected internationally than ever. But is that really so? The most vulnerable children are still the hardest hit by Covid-19. Let's not lose sight of these children. That's why during this Christmas we are the #stayconnected campaign started for Indian children from the bridging education project.

In the textile city of Tirupur, in southern India, the pandemic is having a huge impact on the lives of the most vulnerable groups. Many children have lost relatives. For their (grand)parents there was no extra oxygen available or a place in the hospital. No money. No status. Children who have lost their parents are at risk due to child traffickers to be recruited and sold to the factories. But even parents themselves, who have lost their jobs due to lockdowns, see no other way out than to put their children to work.

These kids are literally surviving. On the street, in the factory. Where we want to prevent a 'code black' in healthcare here in the Netherlands, these children and their families have been in code black for months.

Schools have now reopened in India. There is medical and psychological (after) care for the children, and parents are helped to find a job. Our local partner ensures that as many children as possible are removed from the factories and attend school every day. By investing in digital education, partly by making smartphones available, we try to prevent the development of children from coming to a complete standstill again during the next lockdown. Because, as we are now experiencing, the future remains uncertain in this pandemic.

The result

With the proceeds of the campaign we ensure that Maya is removed from a factory and can go to school in a safe environment. That Nila and her sister no longer roam the streets during the day, extremely vulnerable to child traffickers, but go to one of the Bridge Schools in Tirupur together with many more children. Their parents receive medical and psychological aftercare and help in finding a job. Ishaan will also be in school in 2022 and even in the next lockdown he can continue to learn through the digital possibilities in which we invest with your contribution. And Yash's class? With the amount raised, we can offer no fewer than 38 children and their families the support they need to be able to go to school in health and in a safe environment. That's a class full, how nice is that!

All these children can be real children again at Bridge School. They work on life skills to rediscover the power within themselves. Empowering to believe in yourself, to go to school and stay far from the factories. To make their dreams come true.

This is a perfect start to the year! On to many more children going to school, we will continue to fight unabated in 2022.


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