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April 22, 2020

Heart-warming reactions

Wow! So many beautiful responses have already been received to the call to join our Club of a Thousand. Heartwarming how many companies and individuals - 221 - are already participating in continuing to give the young people we support with Net4kids the opportunities they deserve.

We are looking for a thousand companies

Many companies have it, or are going to have a hard time in the coming months. So it is understandable that we are now mainly looking at how we can sustain ourselves. Then it is also understandable that we are not looking at groups that were already vulnerable before the Corona crisis.

Net4kids is the child aid organization for companies

Based on the belief that children around the world are the next generation, we offer these children opportunities to develop. Give an opportunity on the labor market. Dutch entrepreneurs, companies, start-ups or scale-ups help Net4kids to set up projects, by investing and sharing knowledge and expertise. But now there is an acute problem due to the Corona crisis. And right now all these children need us more than ever before.

We are vulnerable, they are even more vulnerable

It would be especially sad for them if all the good work, all efforts, were lost through this crisis.

That is why we founded The Club of One Thousand

A thousand companies that we ask to donate (one-off) 140 euros to Net4kids. A thousand companies who may be struggling themselves, or who may feel what it is like to be vulnerable, who feel that all the work can be put in jeopardy in one go. And that precisely because they now experience it themselves, or because they see it around them, understand, no feel what this crisis must mean for all those underprivileged children who were just on the way to get good opportunities.

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