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March 21, 2024

Investors Meet Up 2024

For whom:
(Potential) Investors of Net4kids + guest(s)

March 21 – Walk-in 4:00 PM, program 4:30 PM-5:45 PM and subsequent drinks until 7:00 PM.

Design Thinking Center | Willem Fenengastraat 4C | Amsterdam


The Investors Meet Up is the networking event especially for (potential) investors of Net4kids. In this inspiring meeting we bring together passionate entrepreneurs, committed donors and local organizations from our network to learn from and inspire each other. At the same time you will enjoy a drink and a snack at a beautiful sponsored location, the Design Thinking Center of our investor Nextview, in Amsterdam.

The speakers

On our stage, three passionate speakers from our network, Nynke Geus-van den Broek (Blyde Benelux), Kim Paardekoper (Haarlem Tea Company) and Alef Meulenberg (Stichting Rhiza) share their experiences and insights about impactful entrepreneurship with Net4kids. They delve deeper into various ways in which companies and local project organizations can jointly bring about tangible change. Everyone can have a positive impact on the world around them in their own way. What suits you and/or your company? When do you make (the most) impact? What is effective?

Of Nynke Geus – van den Broek, co-founder of PR agency and B Corp Blyde Benelux, we have a visionary on stage who is committed to having a positive impact on our world. With her expertise in the field of sustainability and social responsibility, she inspires everyone to make a difference themselves. A great opportunity to listen to the perspectives of an enthusiastic leader who puts his words into action. Net4kids works with Blyde Benelux to help young changemakers, like Dieudonné in Rwanda, realize their ideas for change in their local community.

Kim Paardekoper, co-founder of Haarlem Tea Company, is our second speaker. Haarlem Tea Company includes various tea brands, such as Tastea, Tea Cultures and Frank About Tea. Kim and Bob Paardekoper have taken over the family business together and are on an impactful journey towards making the chain completely sustainable. With the Haarlem Tea Foundation they support projects that contribute to improving the living conditions of tea farmers, plantation employees and their communities. Her story provides insight into how companies can take effective steps towards sustainability and social impact. Net4kids works together with Haarlem Tea Company & Foundation in Sri Lanka to offer children and families of plantation workers and tea farmers a better future.

Finally, the founder of the Rhiza Foundation, Alef Meulenberg, tell his story about how he offers thousands of children, their families, students and entrepreneurs from the townships in South Africa an economic perspective. His passion for social justice and insights into economic empowerment have led to the creation of the Rhiza Foundation, through which he develops self-reliant communities supported by local businesses. Alef elaborates on how businesses and NGOs can strengthen each other and shares his life lessons to tackle today's global challenges. Net4kids has been working with Rhiza in South Africa since 2017 and together we not only invest in training, but also create employment for young people in townships.


In addition to the stage, there is room to network with like-minded people while enjoying a drink and a snack at a beautiful sponsored location, the Design Thinking Center of our investor Nextview, in Amsterdam.

Because together we can achieve so much further than alone, we cordially invite you to bring someone to our Investors Meet Up. In this way you also inspire a business associate, friend, colleague, family member, and we can strengthen each other to help as many children and young people as possible.

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