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India: Working in textiles, but with diploma

Working in the textile industry? Fine, but with a diploma, a fair salary and under good working conditions! The sustainability of the project is enhanced by offering grants, which are repaid after finding a job.

SAVE India
SAVE India
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Training in the textile industry to enter the labor market with a diploma.

Unfortunately, the term 'fast fashion' is indispensable in the Western world. Fashion changes several times a season, so what you buy today will be 'off' tomorrow. The real price is paid in the countries where the clothes are produced. Young men and women are being brought on a large scale from Northern and Eastern states to work in the garment factories in South India under very poor conditions. They often do not speak the same language, have had little to no education and therefore do not know exactly what their rights are. The vulnerability of girls and young women in particular is being abused.

SAVE is a certified trainer, who offers vocational training to enter the labor market with more knowledge and a diploma, often in the clothing industry which is the largest employer in India. In addition to the professional training, attention is paid to management and marketing skills, so that management positions or working as an independent entrepreneur come within reach. SAVE has good contacts with 'honest entrepreneurs', links them to a large network of companies and helps with job mediation

Why this project partner

With SAVE we are in good company. Nationally and internationally, SAVE is the partner when it comes to child labor and fair wages. They tackle the problem where it starts and, supported by the government, start a conversation with the factory owners. With a continuous focus on changing the mindset, they achieve great results. In addition to funding, Net4kids is a sparring partner for SAVE in the field of the development and organization of training courses for the textile industry, with the best job prospects.

In order to make the project more sustainable, the funding model has been changed since 2018 in collaboration with Net4kids. The training courses are paid for from the SAVE Revolving Fund and are paid back by the young people themselves in installments after they have found a job. Reimbursements allow new students to follow the course. A continuous flow of money, giving many more young people opportunities with one investment.

SAVE India
SAVE India

How your company can contribute to this project

Do you work in the recruitment sector? Is talent development of your employees described in the core values of your company? Do you help talents to a good job? Then this could be a project that suits your company.

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