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Child Watabaran Center Nepal

Nepal: Empowering girls and their communities

Give girls in Nepal the opportunity to develop and increase their self-confidence. By offering an outreach program to girls in their communities around Kathmandu in which education, health care and personal development (sports & life skills) are central, you not only change the lives of these girls, but we structurally build self-reliant communities.

Nepal CWCN
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When girls are given the opportunity to go to school, to develop and to decide about their own lives, they make a structural difference to their communities.

Empowerment is central to this. Strengthening communities, but also on an individual level, stimulating personal power among young people, especially girls. With the Volleybal4life program we use volleyball (the No. 1 sport in Nepal) as a tool to discover who you are, what you are good at, and how you can make a difference for yourself, your family and your community. For girls and young women in particular, a sport such as volleyball can contribute to improving their position as women in general. Girls and women who excel in sports can act as role models for other girls and women. This can ultimately lead to a change in women's self-image.

Why this project partner

The success of CWCN's approach in recent years has to do with the way in which this organization has grown professionally. Founder Tirtha has played a major role in this and has set up a team of hardworking, passionate and intelligent people. He is described by his staff as "an excellent communicator, has strong management skills, is hardworking and committed to any projects he undertakes." His long-term vision fits in with the way Net4kids looks at how you can structurally offer children an independent and independent future.

Nepal CWCN
Nepal CWCN

How your company can contribute to this project

The starting point of CSR policy, choose a suitable project that remains close to your DNA and/or the work area of your organization. This project offers many starting points with which Dutch companies can identify themselves. Talent development, sports & health, independence. Many topics that are part of the core values or in the DNA of a company and that get a real meaning through a collaboration with Net4kids.

Nepal CWCN
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