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Watoto Wema

Kenya: a safe place for children without a home

Watoto Wema is a house where children of all ages are cared for who roam the streets, have no parents or cannot live safely at home.

Watoto Kenya
Watoto Kenya
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In the center young people develop their talents and learn to use them to strengthen their own community.

Watoto Wema protects children who do not have a safe home, prepares them for school, guides them in obtaining a diploma and provides a safe environment in which they can grow up and develop themselves. Reintegration into the family is central to the care of the children. Watoto Wema is always looking for a family member. If it is found, it is involved in the care and guidance of the child with the aim of returning the child to its own family. Watoto Wema guides the family and offers support where necessary.

At the Watoto Wema Center, we want young people to be able to use their talents to enable the community to benefit. An entrepreneurial spirit with children ensures that they learn to make their own choices. Take personal responsibility.

Why this project partner

The enterprising initiators of Watoto Wema, Marjolein and Lusweti, always see opportunities and seize every opportunity to generate their own income. For example, they have built their own health center where respectful and high-quality care is provided to mothers and children in the area. They have their own well and bakery. With 'Friends for Life', an organization that grants school grants, they have entered into a very effective collaboration on the initiative of Net4kids, which resulted in a school grant program, making available revolving funds that are (partially) repaid by students when they have found a job. becomes a buddy and alumni system.

Watoto Kenya
Watoto Kenya

How your company can contribute to this project

Business experts have been to Kenya in recent years to teach our local partner how to make a good business plan themselves. Or how they can improve their financial reporting. There are many more opportunities for companies to use the knowledge and expertise of their employees in this project. Supervising the construction of a maternity hospital. Transfer business skills such as project management to the local staff. Or to offer young people (15+) professional expertise.

Kenya Watoto
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