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Planet Hope

India: IT vocational education for girls

The mission of our local partner organization Planet Hope is to provide vocational education for young people, especially girls, of the lower social classes in India. Good vocational training offers prospects, ensures that they can develop their talents and helps them to find a job.

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Planet Hope India
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A great opportunity to realize change is to provide targeted vocational education in India.

Many (young) girls become or remain unemployed due to a lack of education, insufficient basic knowledge and practical skills. This is often because they cannot afford their education or because they do not have the right basic qualification. Good vocational training offers prospects, ensures that they can develop their talents and helps them to find a job.

Various vocational training courses are offered by Planet Hope, such as Hotel Management, Elderly Care, Beautician & Entrepreneurship, Tailoring & Entrepreneurship and, from 2022, also the IT & Entrepreneurship Training. The students are selected by local organizations and teachers from secondary public schools that Planet Hope works with. Young teenage mothers can also go because there is also free childcare. This way they can continue to learn and find work.​

Why this project partner

Vocational training must meet the current needs of local companies and organisations. What is so special about the approach of this local organization Planet Hope is the way in which they develop the curricula for the courses. Founder Karen Duys works together with ROC Mondriaan and in addition to developing the curricula, guest lectures are also given by teachers from the ROC. This is how internationally accredited training courses are created, which structurally increases the chances of a job for the girls.

Planet Hope India

How your company can contribute to this project

With the help of Net4kids, Planet Hope now also wants to involve the Dutch business community in the training programmes. And in particular the IT and Entrepreneurship training. This is a new technical training that will start as a pilot in the coming year. Investing in this training is really investing in the future. In Tech City Bangalore it is important that girls are also introduced to the IT sector, there are many opportunities to get a job in IT with a good education. We would like to involve your (IT) company in this project, to share your business expertise with Planet Hope and the girls (and boys) in India.

Planet Hope India
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