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FT Kilimanjaro

Tanzania: Help communities become self-reliant

At the foot of the highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro, there are communities that show how collaboration with local businesses, schools and governments can lead to a sustainable change of thinking.

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FT Kilimanjaro aims to make communities self-reliant within 5 years.

In the Mtakuja community, everyone, men and women, young and old now has access to health care and education. In an environment with possibilities to provide for one's own livelihood in a self-sufficient and sustainable way. Thanks to FT Kilimanjaro, the lifestyle of the inhabitants of Mtakuja, and of the surrounding communities of Lower Moshi, has changed drastically in the last ten years and they can also provide themselves with food during the 'dry period'.

Net4kids focuses on access and the quality of education. The introduction of a school scholarship program is a big step forward for many young people. By investing in the Lower Moshi Scholarship Fund, Net4kids contributes to increasing access to – and making – education more sustainable. The fund provides scholarships for students from the Lower Moshi region to follow HBO/university or vocational training. Parents/guardians pay a personal contribution of 15 to 25% over the entire study period. Entrepreneurship training, single mother programs and small business loans assist them in their own entrepreneurship, enabling them to make their own contribution.

Why this project partner

Solid partner through an integrated approach and cooperation with local sugar cane plantations.

FT Kilimanjaro originated from a Dutch initiative, but is supported entirely locally. The cooperation with the local TPC factory creates a win-win situation. The sugar cane plantation benefits from the fact that its employees are healthy and available. Healthcare is accessible and children go to school so that the parents can work. The shared dedication and responsibility ensures that goals are achieved and the communities function independently. FT Kilimanjaro strives to make communities self-reliant within 5 years and the anchoring in the local business community is a major success factor.

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How your company can contribute to this project

Collaboration is central to FT Kilimanjaro. From the needs of the community, initiatives arise in which you can invest or share knowledge and expertise. It is not without reason that there has been an exchange for years with students of University College Utrecht who are conducting research at the communities where FT Kilimanjaro is active. Sharing knowledge and not reinventing the wheel yourself. Is your company aimed at mothers and children, then the Mama Bus concept may well suit your core business? To give mothers and kids a better starting position in life, FT Kilimanjaro has developed a sustainable method in collaboration with Driving Nurses, with experts from the (Dutch) healthcare sector. Do you also want to think along?

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