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Nepal Matri Griha

Nepal: The best school for vulnerable kids

This project offers very vulnerable children in Kathmandu, Nepal, a future by sending them to school. Families have moved to the city in the hope of a better life, but the reality often turns out to be different. No paid job, no food and health care and education are a distant dream.

NMG school
NMG School
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At the school of Nepal Matri Griha children receive a good education from kindergarten up to 'grade 5'.

Nepal Matri Griha helps these migrant children, who often have physical and/or mental problems. Much attention is paid to their personal development and home situation. Support from the home front is essential for a child to complete an education successfully. Their families are educated about hygiene and birth control, about health and well-being and about the importance of education. In addition to education, children can go for physiotherapy and (basic) health care in the 'therapy center' and the 'healthcare unit' located next to the school. Of all NMG children, 80% continues on to further education. It regularly happens that families have developed in such a way that they can pay for this further education for their children themselves. 

Why this project partner

Nepal Matri Griha was the first local partner Net4kids joined. The personal acquaintance in Kathmandu between two passionate women: Shobha Rai, founder NMG and Anke van den Boog, founder Net4kids, has started the collaboration. Anke was deeply touched by the poverty and hopeless existence of the children, who had no chance without education. To this day, the emotional involvement is the reason that we continue to support this project, which has grown from a small shelter with physiotherapy center into a beautiful school.

NMG school

How your company can contribute to this project

Due to the small scale of the program, for €350 you can already support a child at the NMG School, we see that most supporters are private individuals or self-employed people who want to support 1 or 2 children per year. The option we offer to go on a Stakeholder trip to Nepal, and then take your son or daughter (15+) with you, for example, also appeals very much to this target group. You can then see with your own eyes why Net4kids cannot let go of this project and that our contribution is still very much needed.

NMG school
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