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29 November 2018

Who helps campaign?

1 December is World AIDS Day and in the run-up to this we are putting our partner organization SSH from India in the spotlight. They have been fighting with Net4kids for years against the consequences of HIV / AIDS in the poorest region of India, Tamilnadu. With the right healthcare, education and information, we now support 450 children and their families. Children, some of whom are infected with the HIV virus and many children who have lost one or both parents to this disease.

In order to properly help these children with this virus, in addition to medication, information is also needed for the community to remove the stigma associated with HIV / AIDS. A lot of information is needed to allow patients to deal with this disease in the right way (think of treatments) but also to make the stigma disappear so that people are no longer placed outside society. Nowadays HIV is treatable and fortunately more and more people worldwide have access to medication. But there is no pill against stigma and ignorance. This means that people with HIV can become isolated and therefore lack proper care. That is no longer possible, can it?

Our campaign will start online from Saturday and we want to 'infect as many people as possible with a happy virus' with the 'happy virus' video. In addition to focusing on the topic of HIV / AIDS, we also hope to collect a contribution for the project.

Because we are almost there for this year. Except for this project, we can keep all our commitments to our project partners. But this project that offers opportunities to kids affected by HIV / AIDS in India is still not fully funded. There may be a taboo on this project? And we still need € 8,136.

Will you help to provide these kids with education, healthcare and a safe environment? An environment in which HIV / AIDS is no longer taboo, and a self-reliant community is created where everyone gets a fair chance. Then share our video in your network and we hope to end the year with one last bang for this wonderful project.

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