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November 21, 2022

Well-trained digital marketers in Ghana

Improved Corporate Finance has been an investor in the Digital Marketing program of local organization To Be Worldwide in Ghana for five years. Not only does the M&A boutique Improved ensure that this program could be set up financially, the analysts and consultants of this company also invest time in the Ghanaian young people who participate in the Digital Marketeer program. Through various online sessions with the Improved team, the Ghanaian students are taught the necessary soft skills, such as building a CV and the right attitude to work. Our long term pro bono hero, Emile van de Klok, is responsible for the content of the digital marketing program together with To Be Worldwide. With his expertise in the field of digital marketing, he has been able to train 10 young people, alumni of the education center of TBWW, in various digital marketing skills in recent years.

And now Emile traveled to Ghana in October to get to work physically with a second group of students. With online guidance, these young people are all already trained (and most also certified) on Google Ads. For example, they have worked on building their own 'To Be' website in Ghana and an accompanying Google Ads campaign. For example, the young people have learned how to link the website and Google Ads campaign. Working intensively together for a week pays off. The young people have now taken their first steps in the field of content creation such as texts, photography and video. They will also perfect the content and the website together with an IT expert. In addition to technical knowledge, attention has been paid to pro-activity and teamwork. A great theme that the Improved Corporate Finance team could respond to during the digital masterclass. Another very valuable session that really prepares the young people for working life.

Finally, the students started making a business plan. This is how they currently define their 'digital marketing services portfolio': which marketing services can they offer? And 'value proposition': what distinguishes them from other digital marketing agencies? The goal is to eventually start a Digital Agency in Ghana. The potential customers are almost in line 😉 and even come all the way from Zambia. We are proud that such beautiful and targeted steps have been taken to help young digital marketers to further develop and specify.

Thanks to the efforts of Emile, the TBWW team and Improved Corporate Finance, these young people really get a better chance on the labor market and a generation of young people is created that can build an independent and independent existence. Good for them, their families, communities, and also for Ghana itself.

Should you also be interested in investing in this cool project? Then take Contact contact us and we will tell you more about it.

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