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Have you already done your Christmas shopping?

Wait a while before ordering... Have you already filled your shopping basket with one of these gifts? Because let's be honest, do we really need more material things? Shall we give these kids in India a future? Then order one of the 'gifts' below and change someone's life. Are you in?

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Sustainable change

After many years of child labour, we offer the children in this project in India a safe environment to catch their breath. A child at the Bridge School can be a real child again. At the same time, work is being done on life skills to rediscover the power within yourself. Empowering to believe in yourself, to go to school and to stay away from the factories.

FT Kilimanjaro Tanzania

Confidently facing the future

Poverty is one of the main causes of child labour. Child labor also perpetuates poverty. Because children are cheap workers, this leads to lower wages and higher unemployment among adults. Children who work and do not go to school are most likely to end up in low-paid jobs later on, and so will their children. Thus, the vicious circle of poverty continues. Access to education is therefore extremely important to break this circle. Reading, writing, arithmetic and all other skills you acquire there are essential for finding a good job and a fair wage.

“Like Maheswhari, we take thousands of girls out of the factories.” – SAVE

Rainbow Homes Kushi

“Like Maheswhari, we take thousands of girls out of the factories.” – SAVE

How does it work?

Choose one of the four gift options above and donate an amount of your choice. You can pay securely via the payment link. After your donation you will receive a thank you email with proof of payment. Maybe good to know; for €320 a child receives a year of education in this project. Let's all get as many kids as possible to school.

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Are you interested in knowing more and are you curious about the possibilities? In a personal conversation we will explain it all to you, and show you what impact your company or foundation can make.

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