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7 Nov 2019: Nyenrode Masterclass

In brief

When: Thursday, November 7, 2019
Time: 09:00 - 17:00
Location: Nyenrode Amsterdam
Cost: € 299 *

* How your financial contribution is used:
The proceeds from this masterclass will be used to make a report about the “Rainbow Homes” in India. This video will be used by the Rainbow Homes to promote their wonderful work and to support another 10,000 street girls in a brighter future. The video will also be used to inspire others to become a Next Generation Entrepreneur and to honor a remarkable Nyenrode Alumni - the late Ferdinand van Koolwijk. He used his entrepreneurial skills to do good, achieving more than most people will ever approach in their lives. All Masterclass participants are privileged to be the first to receive a link to the video as it becomes available.

Nyenrode Alumnus Emile van de Klok is organizing the Masterclass “From Why to Impact” on November 7.

This Masterclass gives young professionals and entrepreneurs the tools to create not only profit but also social impact in your organization.

Shared Value

Harvard Business School professor Michael E. Porter, authority on strategy and competitiveness, has a clear message to professionals and entrepreneurs: “In today's world, companies that create Shared Value by addressing societal challenges as part of their core strategy achieve a competitive advantage. ” Getting there requires “Next Generation Entrepreneurship”.

Based on research results and practice, our guest speakers will explain how you can create more social impact in addition to more value for your company. How can you implement social responsibility in your business operations resulting in a sustainable competitive advantage? Through presentations, case studies, guest speakers and interactive discussions with the participants, this Masterclass offers a rich learning experience with an emphasis on practice. During our interactive discussions, we ask for your input, expertise, experiences and advice on various challenging topics.

The Speakers

Drs. Ing. Emile van de Klok, initiator of this event and 'Nyenrode Alumnus', explains why he developed the concept and theme of this masterclass 'From Why to Impact'. Supported by Nyenrode research and his own personal practical experience, he explains how a competitive advantage can be achieved through social impact.

Prof. Henry Robben, professor of marketing at Nyenrode Business University, discusses the topics: personal branding for the next generation of entrepreneurs and sustainable mutual value creation

Dolores Lioness, known for 'Het Klokhuis' and the smartest 'BN'er' in the National IQ test with an IQ of 159, explains the core principle of discovering and recognizing your own talent and that of others for passionate success and maximum impact .

Loek van den Boog, Net4kids founder and former Oracle EMEA head explains how to be a successful businessman AND social entrepreneur at the same time. What motivates him? How can you successfully embed social responsibility in existing companies? And what is the impact after 15 years of Net4kids?

Veronika Uhl, Social Impact Advisor and board member of the Partnership Foundation and Loes Klappe-Linsen, chairman of the Partnership Foundation, explain the success factors and impact, but also the (financial) scalability problems of the beautiful 'Rainbow Home formula' in India. This formula, set up by the late Ferdinand van Koolwijk (Nyenrode Alumnus), has already supported 10,000 street girls with a better future.

Nellie Kirschner Timmer, founder To Be Worldwide Ghana, talks about setting up and transforming her foundation, which has already supported 14,000 children in Ghana with better education, into a social enterprise that is financially self-sufficient and uses social impact as a competitive advantage.

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