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Make your donations fully deductible

Donate extra without paying more. Make your donations fully deductible:
Convert them into a 'Periodic Donation'.

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Give tax free

Thanks to your support, we can give even more children a good future in life. But did you know that the tax authorities are happy to contribute to your donation? If you convert your contribution to Net4kids into a periodic donation, it is fully deductible, with the result that the Tax Authorities will refund a large part of your donation. You decide how much you donate, but the amount must be the same every year according to the tax authorities. With a periodic donation you donate a fixed amount for at least 5 calendar years. This is laid down in an agreement between you and Net4kids, making the donation tax deductible. So it pays off! You could even give more without it costing you more.

That is how it works

Normally, only donations to charities are deductible (for tax purposes) if they exceed one percent of your income. If you have your donation recorded in a periodic donation, you can deduct all donations - large and small. You will receive a maximum of half of the amount donated to us from the tax authorities. How big this tax benefit is for you depends, among other things, on the income. On the website of the Tax Authorities you can calculate how much the tax benefit is.

An example:

Suppose a donor gives € 100 to Net4kids every year. That is not enough to deduct from the tax. The donor will therefore donate periodically and increase his contribution to Net4kids to € 172 per year. Because the donor falls in the tax bracket of 42%, the donor will receive € 72 back from the tax authorities thanks to his agreement with Net4kids. As a result, the donor still pays (net) € 100 per year, while Net4kids can help more children with this donation.

You arrange it like this

Periodic donations to Net4kids are arranged in this way via a donation agreement. The agreement costs you nothing and no notary is involved. You decide how much you want to donate to Net4kids each year. You just need it registration form To be completed in duplicate and signed and sent to:

Net4kids Aid Foundation
Amsteldijk Zuid 79B
1184 VE Amstelveen

You will then receive one of the two forms back from us with the information required by Net4kids. And you can declare your donation as a deductible item on your tax return. Would you like more information about periodic donations with tax benefits? Contact us at info@net4kids.org

Thanks for your support!

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