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Investor in the new generations since 2013

Developing talent

The collaboration between TASK and Net4kids originated from a shared vision that the business community must take its social responsibility and that you can achieve a real sustainable impact if you invest in the next generation.

Developing talent and connecting with ambitions, at TASK offering opportunities to staff is central. And TASK, together with Net4kids, has been offering this opportunity for development for years to children for whom it is not self-evident that they can go to school, let alone in good health and safety.

About the project

After projects in Thailand and India, TASK has been investing in it since 2017 Watoto Wema project in Kenya.

Watoto Wema is a house where children of all ages are cared for who roam the streets, no longer have parents or cannot live safely at home. Reintegration into the family is central to the care of the children.

We stimulate knowledge and entrepreneurship among these children and young people so that we can make them independent and self-sufficient. In the Watoto Wema Center we want young people to be able to use their talents to benefit the community in the future. An entrepreneurial spirit in children ensures that they learn to make their own choices. Take your own responsibility. And so a generation is created that will really get better.

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Take action together with colleagues?

Start your campaign to offer these children a future perspective. Are you going for a run, cycling or baking cookies? Or do you clean up attics and donate the Marktplaats proceeds? Go crazy!

We have a action site to make your fundraising campaign a success!

For inspiration, the successful campaign that TASK and Net4kids have carried out together: 'Get moving for Net4kids'. Employees, customers and other stakeholders took the plunge together and took a virtual walk to a Net4kids project in Thailand. Who 'walks' with you to Kenya?