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South Africa

South Africa: Good pre-primary education gives them so much more chance

Investing in early childhood is important so that children go to government schools well prepared and confident when they are 7 years old.

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Vocational training for teachers and improving the quality of pre-primary education in townships

Investing in early childhood is important so that children go to government schools well prepared and confident when they are 7 years old. But how is education organized up to 7 years? The government does not interfere sufficiently with pre-primary education, which means that children are at a great disadvantage at an early age. Nursery education is often taken up by grandmothers and mothers, who teach children in dilapidated buildings.

With a little help and subsidy, these 'schools' can be converted into good pre-primary education. Rhiza trains the head of the school and the teachers, introduces a solid curriculum, adapts buildings according to the applicable safety requirements and provides good nutrition and teaching materials. This set of measures improves the quality of education, making the schools eligible for government subsidies. The government subsidy and more registrations as a result of the better organization make the schools self-reliant.

Why this project partner

The founder of Rhiza and the brain behind the successful Rhiza cycle is Alef Meulenberg, who is based in South Africa. Together with the local population, he develops communities in which he is supported by the government and the local business community. Dutch companies that want to use Rhiza projects for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) benefit from Alef's entrepreneurial focus. He knows the Dutch and South African culture, has a large local funding system and 'knows the way'. Through co-creation, projects are set up that generate profit for all parties.

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How your company can contribute to this project

Rhiza's projects offer many leads with which Dutch companies can identify. Talent development, entrepreneurship, education. For example, organizations that focus on improving, developing and discovering teaching methods, educational institutions and (primary) schools that want to set up social projects (exchange) are a perfect match with Rhiza's Early Childhood program.

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