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23 Jul 2020

Save the date: September 3, 2020

Summer break. Time for reflection? We see that the past few months at home have already made us re-think and reflect. What is (still) possible? What can be done differently?

The Club of One Thousand originated from this idea. 400 entrepreneurs have already shown that they have a warm heart for us, even in challenging times. That they understand our mission for the next generation and many of which have also shown to their own network that they want to be part of it. Especially now.

Be a game changerGame Changer We want to continue to inspire this special network. That is why we invite you and all participants of The Club of One Thousand to grab a moment for GOOD after the summer on September 3, from 4 - 5:15 PM. Just from behind your laptop at home, as you are used to. With the help of the digital event agency FX Agency, we will organize an online event to give you a boost of inspiration. How you can integrate doing good into your company, especially in a changing world. And why you would do that. For vulnerable kids worldwide? For yourself? Or to become more successful as a company? And why exactly now?

RE-BOOST your business for GOOD: Thursday 3 September 4 PM. Stay tuned!

Re-boost Your Business for Good


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