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For the Next Generation

Our story

We see

... inequality in the world. Inequality that we as entrepreneurs can do something about. Inequality for which we are partly responsible. By sharing our wealth and skills, we can create opportunities for children who would otherwise hardly have any options. And we believe in strong, motivated children who use opportunities when they get them.

We are

… experts, but also scale-ups and networkers. Experts in projects, and scale-ups because we like to share our best practices. We are the matchmaker between entrepreneurs who take their responsibility, and quality child-aid.

We offer

… concrete child aid in a business-responsible manner - because just like you, we see the value of efficiency. Concrete child aid, which benefits the children in the long term.

We offer this to the project investors


Corporate charity & engagement programs


We match your company DNA with our sustainably, carefully selected projects. We do what suits you. 


We offer employee and customer programs to create engagement. Time to make stakeholders really loyal. 


We provide transparency. Because everyone wants to know what happens with their money and effort.


Every 6 months we prepare transparent project reports that help keep you and your stakeholders involved.

Charity Desk


We are happy to unburden your foundation. We treat the project applications for your (family) foundations just as seriously as our own project applications.


We manage your project and do what we do best. We are happy to increase your impact together. We call it the Charity Desk.

This is how we work with project partners


Pyramid of care and reports


We want to see a business plan. A forward-looking, sustainable plan that we can rely on.


We select our projects based on our Pyramid of Care. Our projects together cover all these areas so that we can create really sustainable opportunities.

Pyramid Of Care


We request an extensive report every 6 months that we share with our investors. Qualitative and quantitative.