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Starter package CSR workshop

For whom:

On request

Group Size:
4 to 12 participants

€200 pp

Anne-Marijn Bentum

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming increasingly important. The government, consumers and social organizations expect companies to take their social responsibility. Do you still have to be convinced that your company cannot grow without internal and external involvement? How do you start with this?

Where do you start as an organization?

This workshop is for entrepreneurs who want to grow and realize that further growth is not possible without internal and external involvement.

  • Social entrepreneurship and social involvement, what can that do for your staff and organization? What can it contribute to turnover, effort, absenteeism and productivity? To what extent does this contribute to business growth?
  • Do you get all vacancies filled? What determines whether a candidate in the current market chooses you? What moves millennials? Why on earth would a good candidate choose your company when there are so many other options?
  • How distinctive is it to the market and your customers when you say that you don't work irresponsibly, so no child labor, no fraud, no exploitation, no environmental damage, are you proud, is that your brand, your identity? Research shows that more than half of consumers believe that brands should actively commit to stimulating positive changes in the world. What about your image / brand value: are you really sufficiently distinctive and meaningful?

The workshop is given by Mario Huibers, Net4kids ambassador who works every day in his own field to make organizations perform better through internal and external involvement.

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