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21 juli 2020

My time at the little library down the road…

Impact. Voor de (sociaal) ondernemers die bezig zijn met de invulling van hun maatschappelijke doelen tot de lokale partners die blijven meten of hun programma’s effectief zijn en blijven; het meten van impact kan complex zijn.

Maar soms is de impact van jouw (sociale) investering heel duidelijk en simpel te maken. Het prachtige verhaal van de Ghanese Akpene Darko bewijst voor ons de impact van het prachtige programma van onze lokale partner To Be Worldwide. Trots op onze jarenlange samenwerking.


The Library unlocked my mind and intellect to a different level very early in life.

My dad took me to the To Be community library at Effia Kuma, Takoradi some 15 years ago, I was around 8 years and that became my home for almost two years every Saturday from 9am till 4pm. I was young, small and with a very heavy bag every Saturday morning, thus I was very noticeable.

I joined a whole new community on my own and created friendships and bonds with people from diverse backgrounds through that beautiful community library. From the roasted plantain seller across the street (who put up that stand purposely because of the library, since most of her customers were the children who frequented the place), to the children I met in the library, to the warm and accessible librarians who manned the library, to the local barber around the curve who I went to trim my hair every other week.

The Library unlocked my mind and intellect to a different level very early in life. I started to understand simple life virtues like honesty, diligence and most importantly compassion from this library. It was in this place that I learnt that every human being deserved respect no matter his or her age or station in life. Simple words of courtesy like please, sorry, etc was instilled in everyone who passed there at least when speaking with anyone in the library’s premises.

Today I am back to the Sekondi – Takoradi Metropolis as a lawyer, I was called to the Ghanaian bar in the year 2019, as the youngest person to ever achieve such feat and I owe a great deal of the reading habits, simple courtesy and good relationship skills to this magnificent initiative and this library. I will use this opportunity to trumpet the need for every community to have its own community library as it serves a very important function in the growth and well being of young adults. It provides an escape avenue that can be managed and train young adults unto a path f greatness, I am just grateful that the TO BE Library in Effia Kuma was there for me.

Akpene Darko – Cobbina

Do we need to say more?

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Denk je na over Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Ondernemen? Ben je geïnteresseerd in de werkwijze van Net4kids en benieuwd naar de mogelijkheden? In een persoonlijk gesprek leggen we het je allemaal uit, laten we zien welke impact je bedrijf kan maken en hoe eenvoudig het 1% programma is.

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We houden je graag op de hoogte hoe het de kinderen in de projecten vergaat, maar ook hoe we jou kunnen helpen impact te maken voor onze next generation. We beloven je dat we je niet zullen spammen.