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3 Sept 2020: RE-BOOST your business for GOOD

The program

15.45 - 16.00 Lobby open Look behind the scenes. Which final preps will take place and who are the participants?

16.00 - 16.05 Welcome! A warm welcome by the chairman of the day.

16.05 - 16.10 Factfulness How do you think the world is doing?

16.10 - 16.25 1% For The Next Generation How business should change the world. By Loek van den Boog.

16.25 - 17.10 At the table Panel discussion with entrepreneurs Jeroen ten Haave (Roamler), Marnix Geus (The Present Movement) and Jaco Brussé (Visualfabriq) and you can respond and ask questions online.

17.10 Closure. Wrap up and go home with a GOOD feeling.

In this online event 'RE-BOOST your business for GOOD' we want to show how, even in times of crisis, you can have a positive impact on the world in addition to running a commercial business.

Watch the recording

You can watch the recording of the entire event online.

About this event

At the beginning of April, we successfully launched The Club of a Thousand campaign. A new approach in changing times. And with success. Because thanks to your € 140 we can continue to offer our support to all those vulnerable kids in our projects who need it so badly.

"Omdenken." (the Dutch art of flip-thinking). That's what we did. And we see it everywhere. The past months have made us all rethink and reflect. What is (still) possible? What can be done differently? And do we still want the same? Will we go back into fifth gear or will it create a new way of working? Or perhaps even more importantly; a new way of thinking? In which we are more aware of our impact, creativity, decisiveness, but above all of each other.

Lotte Leufkens

Lotte Leufkens - Chairman of the day and founder of the social enterprise CloudCuddle

Lotte Leufkens is an engineer and owner of tech startup CloudCuddle. As a mechanical engineering student she designed travel beds for handicapped kids and has now turned this into her business.

“As the founder of a company you are immediately the face and spokesperson. Then you also have to think about how you want to be in it yourself, what your 'why' is why you do what you do. ” Lotte in Sprout about her company CloudCuddle.

Loek van den Boog - Chairman General Atlantic Netherlands and Founder Net4kids
What if every company invested 1% of its sales in the next generation? In the keynote, Loek van den Boog takes us to the argumentation of the plea that companies that do well are actually more successful.

"Companies that do well are more successful." In the radio program Let's Talk Business from New Business Radio Loek van den Boog talks about entrepreneurship, philanthropy and how the business community should play a greater role.

Jeroen ten Haave

Jeroen ten Haave - CEO Roamler
Change the way people work. With Roamler, CEO Jeroen ten Haave shows how you can change the way people and companies work. Their business model offers professionals ('Roamlers') the opportunity to use their skills when and where it suits them. With Deliver the concern Roamler volunteered to use his crowd during the corona pandemic to provide groceries and elderly people with groceries.

“I think that as an entrepreneur you are obliged to contribute to a sustainable future for everyone. That means looking beyond your own backyard. ”

Marnix Geus

Marnix Geus - Founder The Present Movement
Marnix Geus sold his shares in Het PR Bureau of which he was the founder, wrote the book Human Trade about the way we deal with work and should work, and threw himself into a good cause. He founded The Present Movement, which brings together entrepreneurs with initiatives and projects that improve the lives of refugees.

“After this crisis, nobody is interested in that even bigger lease car. Instead, entrepreneurs use their creativity, decisiveness and network to rebuild the Netherlands. ” Marnix Geus argues for the new entrepreneur who mainly strives for social profit maximization in his blog post The new entrepreneur - Survival of the kindest.

Jaco Brussé

Jaco Brussé - CEO Visualfabriq
As the founder and director of a scale-up company, Jaco Brusse knows better than anyone what facets are involved in entrepreneurship. He sees the Covid-19 crisis as an opportunity and has seized it to change his business model to full, 100%, remote working. With De Club van Duizend Jaco showed us how to think in terms of opportunities and how much more is possible, especially now, than you might think.

“Our core business is in the field of technology and business. We believe that sharing our skills can help others build a self-sufficient and economically independent future. ”

What will I find out after this hour for GOOD?

  • Why a business approach is needed for sustainable change.
  • Why you choose CSR, even if you aren't making a profit yet.
  • Why you can use a matchmaker to find a good and suitable project.
  • How you can integrate doing good into your business goals.
  • How you can involve your employees in your social investment.
  • That doing good with your company does not have to cost a lot of time and money, but actually yields something.
  • That the world is (still) doing better than you might think.
  • That investing in social projects is also investing in yourself.
  • Doing good looks good on you. As long as it is authentic.
  • That there is no better timing than to start investing in society now.


I register for this online event:

You can go directly the LIVESTREAM. Scan the QR code and you can also participate in the interactive part! See you soon!

The partners for this event

Cup of Ambition
Bakx & Meijer
FX Agency
The Club of One Thousand

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