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September 4, 2018


As an ambassador of Net4kids, I visited several projects in 2015 in Kenya and Tanzania. This has made a huge impact on me. No better way to create involvement than to see with your own eyes the impact of concrete and sustainable child aid. During our visit to the Watoto Wema Center in a suburb of Nairobi, I was touched by the great work being done there with the support of Net4kids.

Watoto Wema offers a safe shelter to 45 children between the ages of 2 and 17 and also helps 50 children who can still live with their parents or other family members to go to school. The education for these children is paid. Watoto Wema helps the families of these children to set up their own business, so that they can independently provide for their basic living needs. This prevents children from having to grow up in a home and this leaves the families intact as much as possible. For the children who have nowhere to go, our project partner creates childcare in the Watoto Wema Center, where they can grow up safely and develop further so that they can face an independent and independent future.

Not everyone gets the opportunities that are so obvious in the Netherlands. We have called the little boy in the photo crumb and for me he symbolizes the effect of offering perspective and support. A happy face that enjoys the attention of his friends. Can play and learn safely. Wouldn't it be great if this boy had a good future after completing his education and could build a nice life in Kenya. So that his children get better again. Besides being photogenic and a source of inspiration, Kruimeltje has become much more. It is also a business tool. Do you want to know how I use Crumb with my customers? In the next blog I like to tell.

Mario Huibers,
Ambassador Net4kids

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