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Bus stations and waste disposal areas, this is where the health workers of the Child Watabaran Center (CWCN) find most of Kathmandu's street children on their way with the mobile health bus, to provide medical assistance and education to these - often - weakened children on the spot. They are places where they cannot and dare look no further than today, because many health risks are lurking if you have no roof over your head and cannot eat normal, healthy meals, or have the opportunity to go to school. Diseases such as scabies, diarrhea, tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS are - unfortunately - no exception. In addition, through life on the street and in the slums, they come into contact with drugs, prostitution and theft, among other things. Their situation is hopeless, it seems. Not when it comes to Net4kids and our local project heroes from CWCN. Together we offer these kids perspective, opportunities for reintegration into society. A collaboration that we are proud of, for 13 years.
Curious about the impact that the Child Watabaran Center has been able to create in 2018?
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