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The counter is now at 389 companies, and we continue! We are proud of our project partners who have worked with so much dedication, passion and sense of responsibility in recent months.

Due to the closure of the schools, the regular activities have been replaced by emergency measures to limit the spread of the corona virus and to keep people as safe and healthy as possible. Here are a few of the many initiatives that have arisen:

  • Our project partner in South Africa ensures that they can provide the children with food, disinfectants, educational material about COVID-19, soap and materials with which they can resume education at home to a certain extent and receive a nutritious meal.
  • The shelter of street children in Kenya who are otherwise swept off the street by the government.
  • 20,000 food packages to families in India because the factories where they work are closed.
  • Informing the local community in our project in Tanzania about the importance of washing hands, keeping distance and wearing face masks. Soap and hand gel are also distributed.
  • In our project in Nepal, mouth masks, hand gel and basic medicines were distributed and food packages for families of 30 former girl center girls. In addition, they provided the community centers with materials to raise awareness about Covid 19.

It is great to see that so many companies are participating in this action and with that indicate that they, especially in these turbulent times, ensure that the children in our projects continue to get the opportunities they deserve. The counter is now at 389 companies, and we continue! Because we would like to get to 1000 with you.

JoinSo, join the club and help to give the young people in our projects a healthy and promising future! Especially now.

Share the message and video in your network through your favorite channels and let's get to a thousand, together.