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As an entrepreneur you have worked hard for a client and you send an invoice, after all, you have to earn money. But you also want to mean something socially. Therefore, change your invoice into something positive for all parties. Put a good feeling percentage on the bill.

Fundraising, at Net4kids we ultimately benefit from a sustainable funding model that allows us to offer continuity to our project partners.

As a company, you can raise funds for your project in various ways. You can set up donation campaigns, for example around a sporting event or exchange the Christmas gift for a donation to the project. But you can also add a percentage (extra) to your invoice as standard.

It is a positive conclusion to your collaboration with clients. It shows your social commitment and gives customers the opportunity to participate. After all, a good example does follow. How do you put that percentage in your account? We see several options in our network:

  1.  You can choose to add a percentage on top of the invoice amount that goes to your company's project: the customer as a supporter. Optional or mandatory.
  2. You can choose to always have a percentage of each invoice go to your project: your company invests and shows this to your customers and network. (Also see 1% For The Next Generation)
  3. You can choose to have a full invoice sent directly to your project from time to time. Net4kids will then send the invoice to your client.

I want this. For my company. For my invoice.