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Entrepreneurs and initiators Rex Vermeulen and Paul Joosten will start a project in 2021 in the Tanzanian village of Kiruani to make the community self-reliant through education, entrepreneurship and cooperation. The two enthusiastic entrepreneurs have worked out a plan and want to find thirty passionate entrepreneurs to participate in this adventure in the first quarter of 2021. By becoming a member of the Town Advisory Board, each participant commits to a three-year partnership and contributes funding and knowledge. They help the local experts with resources, knowledge, skills and experience to make Kiruani in Tanzania a self-supporting community.

Making a community self-reliant
In the Tanzanian communities where Net4kids works in collaboration with the local partner organization FT Kilimanjaro, everyone, men and women, young and old, now has access to health care and education. In an environment with opportunities to provide for one's own livelihood in a self-sufficient and sustainable way. Thanks to FT Kilimanjaro, the lifestyle of the residents of now 5 local communities has changed drastically in the last ten years and they can also provide themselves with food during the 'dry period'.

“As a Town Advisory Board we are going to learn from the local experts who lead, guide and (help) implement on site. The project is managed and executed entirely locally. Progress, experience and results are shared with the Dutch 'supporters' at different times. ” According to initiator Rex Vermeulen.

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