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Migrants from all over India come to the Tirupur region in search of a job in the textile industry. And with these fortune seekers often all family members come along. So is the family of Sunitha. As the youngest member (13 years old) in a family of four brothers & sisters, once in Tirupur, she is given the task of looking after her eldest sister's children.

Even though she went to school in Bihar, where she grew up. Lack of money drove the family to the Tirupur region to work in the factories. They don't speak the local Tamil language, which is often a barrier for migrant children & their parents to investigate whether education is possible.

And besides, who else has to look after her sister's kids? After all, her sister works in the factories from early morning to late at night to make money. This vicious circle involving many poor families means that a generation like Sunitha will soon have to lead exactly the same poor life as that of its sister, with an uneducated job with little income. That really has to change, and it can.

Fortunately, our local partner SAVE is active in the poor neighborhoods of Tirupur, hears the story of Sunitha and offers a solution for this family. Together with her nephews, Sunitha now goes to the Bridge Schools, where she, with kids from all kinds of different backgrounds, receives education again, healthy food and all school materials at her disposal. This really gives her a chance for a brighter future.

She is now learning the local language better and she even knows a few words in English. If you ask her what she thinks of her school, she says; "Makes Happy!" And that of course makes us happy.