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Do you really want to get your employees involved? Give them the opportunity to get started themselves. Sharing own talents, passion, expertise with social projects in which the company invests. For example with township youth in South Africa. In the time of the boss, of course.

At Visualfabriq employees invest time (1%) to share their skills and insights in technological innovation, data and business with township youth in Diepsloot, Johannesburg.
Directly with the local partner Net4kids has linked them to, Rhiza Babuyile, Visualfabriq developed the 'Unleash your Excellence' program for the selected young people in South Africa to help them develop essential skills they need to find a job or successfully complete a start your own business.
Visualfabriq employees in the Netherlands can choose to invest their time in various initiatives, for example by giving webinars or being involved monthly in (online) coaching of the selected young people.
There is so much creativity and talent among employees that, combined with the passion to also mean something to society, can lead to so many fun innovative ideas. And for the young people in South Africa it really means that last step towards self-reliance. To a job, a future.
And we have more examples of how to exchange talent and expertise. Improved Corporate Finance has developed the To Be Improved program in collaboration with local partner To Be Worldwide in Ghana.
The aim of the program is to provide Ghanaian youth with information sessions on topics relevant to the stage of their development. These online sessions spread over a year help them achieve their goals, whether they are still studying or taking the first steps in applying for a job, working at a company or exploring the option of becoming an entrepreneur.

In this way, projects in countries such as Ghana and South Africa really come 'close', and you create involvement with the young people from the projects. The next generation. Visualfabriq has now offered a young person who has successfully completed the program a one-week internship in the Netherlands. And who from Improved Corporate Finance will soon be allowed to attend the certificate presentation in Ghana? Net4kids makes it possible. We make the match, the employee the difference.

I want this. For my company. For my employees. For the next generation.

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