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As an investor, the Elsgoed Foundation has been involved with Net4kids for many years. And since 2013 also in Charity Desk: we unburden the Elsgoed Foundation in the implementation of their policy and by scanning their donation requests.

“Our family foundation wants to give underprivileged children a boost, so that they too can develop,” says Annemiek van der Schaar, board member of Stichting Elsgoed. The first project 'Meaningful education' for Maya children in Guatemala was positive from the project scan. Together we now invest in about 2500 children in Guatemala.

Do good together

So, we like to share. We also do well together in Kenya. What started as a small-scale aid project for underprivileged children in Nairobi has now grown into one of the most appealing and sustainable projects of our Africa portfolio, Watoto Wema Center. With the investment of the Elsgoed Foundation, among others, there is now a community health center, the profit of which flows back to the children in the shelter.

Elsgoed Foundation now knows for sure that their project in Guatemala for Maya children is a good and suitable project. And that we can scale up a project together.

Net4kids Charity Desk and Elsgoed

Project: Build a future for vulnerable children
In Kenya millions of children still live in extreme poverty. Net4kids, together with project partner Watoto Wema, offers a safe, sustainable living and learning environment for these vulnerable children. In this way they are enabled to make a positive contribution to society.

“The Charity Desk supports our foundation and gives our involvement and gives our involvement 'flesh and flesh.' At the same time, Net4kids gives the projects a boost, which benefits the children. ”

Annemiek van der Schaar - Elsgoed Foundation