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Storytelling: applying stories to achieve a goal and create involvement. Nothing new. You probably already use it for your content strategy. But also use this marketing strategy when it comes to your CSR policy. Net4kids is happy to offer your company inspiring content.

Stories are the ideal way to connect, touch people and increase solidarity. By sharing the stories of the young people from our projects, the impact of your investment as a company becomes concrete and gives meaning. Storytelling is such a powerful tool.

Do you use success stories or quotes from customers about your cooperation on your website? Add to that a success story of one of the young people from the project that supports your company. These stories touch, make concrete what you do, are easy to share and give meaning to your CSR policy.

Roamler invests in the Rainbow Homes program in India and shares the stories of the former street girls in their Roamler community (global community of smartphone users ('Roamlers') who can work through the Roamler app whenever and wherever it suits them). And by involving employees directly in telling the stories, it comes in even more.

Watch how these Roamler employees talk about the street girl Lilyma from India who now works as a sous chef in a star restaurant in Delhi. What an inspiring story. And, it was not difficult to motivate enough employees to participate in this. In fact, they had figured it out themselves. And the blooper version is one for drinks. Team feeling at its best.

Or read the story from Mario Huibers, CEO of Bluefoot Family, who uses the story & photo of a boy from the Watoto Wema reception center in Kenya as a business tool that he uses for training, workshops and 1-on-1 coaching.

We have already shared a lot of stories about the projects in recent years.

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