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Roamler is a striking example of a company that from its purpose and core business not only drives the growth of the company, but also makes the difference in the lives of so many street children, i.e. girls, who would otherwise hardly have any opportunities.

Access to training

Since 2018, Net4kids has teamed up with the fast-growing crowdsourcing company Roamler. This young dynamic company conducts worldwide research and provides insights to companies such as Philips and Unilever. At the same time, the company offers professionals the opportunity to use their skills whenever and wherever it suits them. From field marketing to technical in-house installations. With a worldwide community of smartphone users (“Roamlers”) who can work where and when it suits them, a revolution in the way of working is slowly starting to take place. Roamler offers employment and thus an improvement in the quality of life for a growing community, professionals and semi-professionals who might otherwise have had fewer opportunities on the regular labor market. The company also offers access to training, so that every Roamler has the opportunity to develop further. And Roamler also wants to offer these opportunities to children in less fortunate regions.

Developing talents

The Rainbow Homes project in India, which gives former street girls the opportunity to develop their talents and make something of their lives, fits in beautifully with Roamler's mission. To help as many (former) street girls as possible on their way to an independent and independent life, Roamler donates 1% annually from her earnings as a company to this project. In short, the more Roamlers working, the more girls on the street!

Roamler invests

Opportunities for girlsProject: Shelter and education for street girls
Thousands of girls survive on the dangerous streets of Indian cities like Calcutta and Delhi. The Rainbow Homes offer them personal care, attention, a home and an education. After their 18th year, the girls are guided on their way to independence.

“By partnering with Net4kids, we not only make a difference for people in the countries where we operate, but also for children in less fortunate regions. In 2018 I think that you as an entrepreneur are obliged to contribute to a sustainable future for everyone. That means looking beyond your own backyard. ”
Jeroen ten Haave, Roamler