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2018 has been an eventful and successful year for Net4kids in which we have been able to provide education, healthcare and a safe environment to as many children as possible.

Happy VirusWith the exception of one project, we were able to keep all of our commitments to our project partners. The project for children affected by HIV / AIDS in India has not yet been fully funded. We still needed € 8,136. We have therefore dedicated our Christmas campaign to this project and show with the Happy Virus video that with the right medication & information you can make a big difference in the lives of kids who carry the HIV / AIDS virus and / or have parents. lost because of this disease.

Mission accomplished

In this way we tried to raise as much funding as possible. And it worked! We raised € 10,170 with which we can give 26 children the correct medication and have them go to school in a healthy way! 15 passionate companies, enthusiastic friends and loyal supporters immediately funded the campaign! What a great result! Thanks to everyone who spread the Happy Virus with us. Every like, tweet and share campaign has ensured that we can offer a total of 26 Indian kids a healthy future.