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A home for Indian street girls

Rainbow Homes provides shelter and education to street girls in India. An Irish nun, Sister Cyril, set up the Rainbow Homes in Calcutta. She was given a number of private schools, which have been adapted so that a number of girls can also sleep in the evening.

What is the project?

During the day, children from different social, financial and religious backgrounds attend classes, which is unique given the caste system in India. The organization now has 29 homes, the government has also realized homes according to their model and a local organization Rainbow Foundation India (RFI) is responsible for all Rainbow Homes and the further development and scaling up of the programs.

The school is their home. It's their own choice. They come and go as they please. You can't pin down a rainbow! ' (Sister Cyril)

The guidance and support of the girls is aimed at providing safety, reintegration into society and independence. In addition to education and medical care, empowerment plays an important role in the concept. Girls are made aware of their own talents and strength and are encouraged to use them in dealing with others and their environment. With the aim of building their own independent future, so that they can take care of themselves and their own family.

Why did Net4kids choose this project partner?

Create a whole movement and not just save a few girls.

The Rainbow Homes program is one of the starting projects of Net4kids. By making use of existing infrastructures, the schools, a large reach is immediately realized and real impact is made. A structural change in the approach to the street child problem. The program is embedded in the home country, has been fully adopted by the Indian government and now consists of more than 50% of local funding. The difference is made at a strategic level. The organization has started caring for small children and is growing with the children. By offering housing options for older girls, the midway homes, by setting up the Rainbow Academy where teachers are trained.

What does Net4kids contribute?

New initiatives arise from the entrepreneurial strength and the innovative capacity of the organization. Together with Dutch companies, such as Roamler & Valori, Net4kids contributes financially to this stable and innovative organization. 

We make the match. Will you make the difference?

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How many Rainbow girls get our support?

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