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Reintegration of vulnerable children
Watoto Wema is a house where children of all ages are cared for who roam the streets, have no parents or cannot live safely at home.

What is the project?

Watoto Wema is a house where children of all ages are cared for who roam the streets, have no parents or cannot live safely at home. This may be because of the home situation, but also because criminal gangs that are active in their area and do everything they can to recruit young vulnerable children and make them dependent on drugs. Watoto Wema protects them, prepares them for school, guides them to obtain a diploma and ensures a safe environment in which they can grow up and develop themselves.

Blood is always thicker than water.

Reintegration into the family is central to the care of the children. Watoto Wema is always looking for a family member. If it is found, it will be involved in the care and guidance of the child with the aim that the child will return to his own family. Watoto Wema guides the family and provides support where necessary.

The enterprising initiators of Watoto Wema, Marjolein and Lusweti, always see opportunities and take every opportunity to generate income themselves. For example, they have built their own health center where respectful and high-quality care is provided to mothers and children in the neighborhood. They have their own well and a bakery. With 'Friends for Life', an organization that grants school scholarships, they initiated a very effective partnership on the initiative of Net4kids that resulted in a school scholarship program, making revolving funds available that are (partially) reimbursed by students when they have found a job. and a buddy and alumni system.

Entrepreneurship is central.

At the Watoto Wema Center, we want young people to be able to use their talents to enable the community to benefit. An entrepreneurial spirit with children ensures that they learn to make their own choices. Take personal responsibility.

Why did Net4kids choose this project partner?

An aim for self-reliance of projects is only realistic and sustainable if it comes from the local partner. That is what makes the collaboration with Watoto Wema so strong.

Watoto Wema's knowledgeable and studious staff is open to learning and takes on any challenge to translate it into a success. That makes it an ideal partner for companies to work with. If you consider that the reason for the bakery was a donation from a bread machine, a collaboration with Watoto Wema can only lead to a successful story for both parties.

How do I make a difference in this project with my company?

The starting point of CSR policy, choose a suitable project that stays close to your DNA and / or the working area of your organization. Doing something right is only credible if it stays close to your core business and core values.

Business experts have been to Kenya in recent years to teach our local partner how to make a good business plan themselves. Or how they can improve their financial reporting. There are many more opportunities for companies to use the knowledge and expertise of their employees in this project. Supervising the construction of a maternity hospital. Transfer business skills such as project management to the local staff. Or to offer young people (15+) professional expertise.

Making an impact starts with a financial commitment. This way we can really build on the involvement between your company and the project. Net4kids invests 30K per year in this project.

We make the match. Will you make the difference?

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