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Scholarships & micro credit

With the 'Family Business for Education' model, Rwandan families are supported by means of scholarships, in addition they are supported to become financially stronger.

What is the project?

Scholarships are a good solution to ensure that children from low-income families have access to education. With the 'Family Business for Education' model, Rwandan families are supported by means of scholarships, and they are also supported to become financially stronger. They do this by providing training, helping to set up a business, offering savings programs and offering a cash grant.

With this project families of street children in Rwanda are offered the opportunity to become financially strong and self-sufficient. Parents or carers receive a 5-day financial training and participate in a 12-week business and savings program. Upon completion, they are assigned to a Family Business officer with whom they work to develop a business plan that builds on their existing skills.

Why did Net4kids choose this project partner?

This acclaimed innovative family business concept addresses global educational challenges and transforms communities.

Uyisenga ni Imanzi (UNM) has been committed to vulnerable children in Rwanda since 2002. It is a locally registered non-profit organization (NGO) that receives support from an umbrella worldwide organization Street Child in their approach to the rehabilitation of street children.

Street Child focuses on education, child protection and income enhancement for families. Projects are carried out through local partner organizations. The most disadvantaged children are selected, helped to find a safe home base and to get them (back) to school by helping the families to create an income. Net4kids and Street Child both believe that sustainability should be central to the projects and we jointly strive for impact in the longer term.

As network organizations, we both believe that we should not work side by side, but with each other, in a transparent and direct way, in order to make as much impact as possible.

How do I make a difference in this project with my company?

The starting point of CSR policy, choose a suitable project that stays close to your DNA and / or the working area of your organization. Doing something right is only credible if it stays close to your core business and core values.

Family businesses are the linchpin of business. About 60% of the existing companies are family businesses. Family business characteristics are that they are generally strongly socially involved and play a social role in (local) society. Want to make a difference for your 'family' and at the same time offer a family in Rwanda the opportunity to set up their own business? We are happy to match your company with this successful program. Impact guaranteed.

Making an impact starts with a financial commitment. This way we can really build together the involvement between your company and the project.

We make the match. You the difference?

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