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Knowledge and health care

Society for Serving Humanity (SSH) offers children and their families a well thought out and proven comprehensive approach, focused on education, social development, health care and social integration.

What is the project?

Big 'grown up' issues solved by the children

This project ensures that 1 child can go to school per family. Unfair? Often an impossible choice for (grand) parents, but this approach by SSH ultimately changes the mindset of the entire community. The whole family 'learns', benefits from the construction of a vegetable garden, and benefits from the practical necessities the child receives. Such as a table to keep your homework dry, or a clock so you can get to school on time.

Education for 1 child can be the start of a change in the mindset of the entire community. In addition to education, information is provided about HIV / AIDS and hygiene. Children from different castes and religions, whether or not affected by HIV / Aids, gather in Children's Clubs to learn and play. Themes such as healthy food, hygiene and sustainability are discussed and children discuss their ideas with the village elders themselves. Children learn how to actively defend their rights.

Women invest in family welfare

Research has shown that women invest more of their income in the well-being of their families than men - ten times more. They prioritize things like health care, nutritious food and education. When a mother takes control of her family's budget, her children are 20 percent more likely to survive - and much more likely to thrive. And healthier, better educated children will lead to a stronger workforce and more prosperous communities tomorrow.

In addition to the Children's Clubs, SSH therefore sets up women's networks and guides them to a self-supporting system. Saving money together and determining together who needs the money the most. Women who do not know where to go and who are often depressed are an important tool to work on self-esteem and self-development. By sharing (financial) knowledge, much more is possible for this vulnerable group. For example, they learn how to apply for subsidy for a pension or a widow benefit from the government.

Why did Net4kids choose this project partner?

With over 30 years of experience, SSH has developed an approach, in a very disadvantaged region of India, that convinces every visitor to this project of the impact. It is not for nothing that investor LeasePlan tripled financial support after their visit to India. Without a doubt, founder Britto Selveraj is the most headstrong local hero we know. A challenge to help him make his organization more self-reliant, because his latest plans always require even more money. But because he is a big dreamer, with the support of Net4kids, he now has his own school, The ChildPlan Academy, where 600 children can receive quality education.

How do I make a difference in this project with my company?

The starting point of CSR policy, choose a suitable project that stays close to your DNA and / or the working area of your organization. Doing something right is only credible if it stays close to your core business and core values.

Do you work in the healthcare sector? Or are you focusing on more diversity in your company or is female entrepreneurship a theme that appeals to you? Then this could be a project that suits your company.

Making an impact starts with a financial commitment. This way we can really build on the involvement between your company and the project. Net4kids invests 30K per year in this project.

We make the match. Will you make the difference?

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