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From the factory, into the school desk

If you see two T-shirts for a tenner in a clothes rack, you must understand that on the other side of the world there is a price being paid for them. 

What is the project?

Choosing to buy those nice, cheap shirts means extra production. As long as there is no awareness, the enormous growth of the textile industry in India has for years resulted in massive deployment of cheap workers. Not only in the textile factories, but also in spinning mills, weaving mills, the residual textile industry and all other parties within the textile chain.

Children are meant to learn, not to earn.

Due to the ever-increasing demand for cheap labor in this industry, it is now mainly migrants from other parts of India who are recruited to do the dirty work. In the hope of a better life, parents immigrate to the city with their children. Children who have hardly had any education and do not speak the local language. They are actually forced to live the life of an adult. Long days working in harsh conditions, with a responsibility to bring in money. In the large textile city of Tirupur, in South India, the organization SAVE works with this vulnerable group of children on a better future, both in a social and economic sense.

They work with a network of women's groups in the surrounding villages to help children escape the textile entrepreneurs who are solely focused on money and production. If the children have been successfully removed from their work environment, they will be received and trained by SAVE. After many years of child labor, SAVE offers children a safe environment to catch their breath. A child at Bridge School can be a real child again. At the same time, work is being done on life skills to rediscover the power within yourself. Empowering to believe in yourself, to go to school and to stay far from factories. With the Bridge Schools, SAVE offers a bridging year to prepare ex-child workers for regular education.

Why did Net4kids choose this project partner?

Solid partner that makes the difference

With SAVE we are in good company. From a national and international point of view, SAVE is the partner when it comes to child labor and fair wages. They tackle the problem where it begins and, with the support of the government, enter into dialogue with the factory owners. With a continuous focus on changing the mindset they achieve great results. In addition to funding, Net4kids is a sparring partner for SAVE in the field of the development and organization of training courses for the textile industry, with the best job prospects.

How do I make a difference in this project with my company?

The starting point of CSR policy, choose a suitable project that stays close to your DNA and / or the working area of your organization. Doing something right is only credible if it stays close to your core business and core values.

Based on the belief that a better world starts with children, Grizzly New Marketing invests in this project. The bridging education project fits in well with the investment wish of the organization. For every employee who counts Grizzly, they invest one child annually to receive bridging education. Grizzly New Marketing has 110 employees, with their investment they now support 110 children in India. And with every new employee who has a 'child of the company'that number will increase in the future. Does this form of CSR also suit your company?

Making an impact starts with a financial commitment. In this way we can really build the involvement between your company and the project together. Net4kids invests € 79,950 per year in this project.

We make the match. Will you make the difference?

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