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Many families leave the countryside for the capital Kathmandu in search of work and better living conditions. Once settled, this also turns out to be an enormous task there. This is also the case for Bibek (10 years old) and his parents, who moved with him, his brother and two sisters from Kalikot to Kathmandu. His parents managed to get started as vegetable sellers, but with the irregular income, the school costs are too much for all four children. Through their neighbors they came into contact with NMG, who after a home visit decided to help this family - from one of the most disadvantaged places in Nepal - through education and food.

Diligent Bibek tries hard at school because he has been able to see and feel up close with his parents how difficult it can be to support the whole family. Because of everything he has learned at the NMG school, he can take control of his future.

This is just one of the many success stories of the Nepalese kids - from the very poorest families - who got a chance to go to NMG school. You can read more results about this great program in the summary annual report which is now online.